Defining the link between effective community engagement and school success
About the survey

What it is

The State of K-12 Customer Experience Report is the first-ever national study created to assess, inform, and improve the quality of customer service and community engagement in the nation’s K-12 public schools.


Why we did it …

To address a burgeoning frustration in K-12 education. While school leaders have access to myriad reports detailing the impact of quality teaching and learning in their schools, scant evidence exists to evaluate the impact of the customer experience on school culture and performance. The result: an uneven educational experience, where even those schools with exceptional academic programs lack the fundamental tools, processes and professional training necessary to build trust and engender support among the different segments of their local communities. Educators say a lack of trust often leads to unnecessary distractions and siphons quality resources away from their core focus: educating children.


The State of K-12 Customer Experience Report was created to better inform that conversation and to give school leaders a clear lens into the role that customer experience plays in addressing critical challenges, from market share and declining enrollments to safety and security to transportation to teacher and staff retention.


School leaders will use these findings to inform their strategic plans and support and drive critical investments in school improvement.


Who’s behind the work?

The State of Customer Experience Report is published by K12 Insight, with support from the National School Public Relations Association and the National School Boards Association.

Veteran education researcher Dr. Shelby McIntosh, formerly with the

George Washington University Center on Education Policy, led the survey creation, distribution and analysis of the survey data, with help from a team of Ph.D. researchers at K12 Insight.

Who is participating?

More than 500 school leaders, including school district superintendents, school board members, school communications officers, principals and cabinet members participated in the 2019 cohort. The report represents the only research effort of its kind completed to date.


Survey supporters

National School Public Relations Association The National School Public Relations Association, or NSPRA, supported the creation and distribution of State of K-12 Customer Experience Report. NSPRA is considered a leading voice for school communication professionals and many of its members participated in the survey.

National School Boards Association The National School Boards Association, or NSBA, supported the creation and distribution of the State of K-12 Customer Experience Report, helping extend the reach of the report to elected school board officials and other educators nationwide.